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4 oz Lace Tint. How to make your lace wig look more realistic? Lace Tint is the answer! Our lace tint spray will instantly change the color of the lace to match your skin tone, thus helping to make the lace disappear right into your scalp.  Tinting the lace is the key to achieving an undetectable install.  Our lace tint spray is for lace wigs, lace closures, and lace frontals.  As an added bonus, lace tint spray can also be used to hide the knots on the lace.  Spray lace tint on the back side of your lace, then dry (you may air dry or use a blow dryer). If bleaching the knots, apply lace tint spray last. 

 See the images for color chart reference.  If you are in between shades, go with the lighter shade (as you can always add more layers to build up to the next shade)

 You may apply several coats until you have reached desired tone. 

 Three shades available:

 Honey (yellow/golden undertones)

 Chesnut (more red undertones)

 Espresso (deep brown complexions)